Gyuto knife by Luc Mendez

   The other day an old high school buddy of mine, Luis, gave me a call. It’s been awhile since we spoke, none the less we caught up and  spoke about our current ventures in life. Luis tells me, after high school, he went on and pursued a career in the culinary industry, and to show his love for his passion, he wanted to permanently commemorate his favorite tool of his trade. A gyuto knife. He brought it with him and asked if I could tattoo his exact knife on him. With… Read More

Serenity Prayer Tattoo

Serenity Prayer done by Raphael Gere Rodriguez. Out of all the prayer tattoos that come thru our shop doors; the Serenity Prayer is the most requested. Reading the prayer we understand why. To book your next lettering tattoo appointment contact at 954 986 7176 or email us at :


Graffiti in Miami!

With all this work on my hands it seems time to just give some energy to painting in the streets, and man did it feels so good!! This is a cool banger by : Gere, Hest, Fubar, Victor, and Hox!!!! Enjoy

CBT Studio Artist Collabo

We are currently work on a collaboration series of flash set! Coming Soon!

Miami Tattoo Convention Art Fusion

  We had lots of fun this last Miami Tattoo Convention TattooLaPalooza. Besides our usual booth meet and greets Raphael Gere Rodriguez got to experience and Art Fusion Event. Raphael {CBT Studios}, Gino {Illustrated Ink}, and Hal {Relentless Ink} Drew on ┬áseparate canvas rotating every 2 min with no prior concept. Great experience created some great art.

Skull photography by Amanda Garcia

Some shots of skulls we had lying around the studio. Pictures by Amanda Garcia visit her at

Mural for Basel by Raphael Gere Rodriguez

I was fortunate enough to paint this mural during “Art Basel” , as part of “Primary Flight” Street art Museum. You can see more Miami street art @ Lcation: Downtown Miami

New Paintings by Jesus

As the title implies I just finished these bad boys.  

Awesome Piercing Photo

Our new schedule for piercings is Tuesday through Saturday, 12 – 5 pm. We have limited piercing services available at other times, so please call before you come in if you have a question about a piercing or want to get pierced after the hours listed above.