Hollywood Florida Tattoo Artist Alex Bach

Alchemy Ink Collective Hollywood, Florida’s premier custom Tattoo studio is proud to announce resident Tattoo Artist: Alex Bach.

Alex can take care of your tattoo needs ranging from Black and Grey to American Traditional.

To book your consultation with Alex contact the shop at 954 589 0069 or send an email at:


Hand Tattoo Skull with Filigree

Once upon a time hand tattoos went by the name ” Job Stopper”. One of the obvious reasons beings society’s conservative shoe box thinking that why would they hire a person with a tattoo on there hand, because a person with a tattoo on one’s hand was a criminal.

Well, times have changed and people’s thinking has changed; somewhat. Either way I had the pleasure of tattooing this Skull with filigree on a respectable ex. Marine. He was polite on time and I’m pretty sure he has multiple jobs.

Dog portrait 

Cute dog portrait done by Constantina 

The last unicorn Tattoo 

Beautiful the last unicorn tattoo done by Constantina 

Geometric flower tattoo 

Beautiful geometric flower tattoo done by Constantina 

Watercolor blueberry Tattoo 

Beautiful watercolor blueberry tattoo done by Constantina 

Watercolor panda tattoo

Super cute panda tattoo done by Constantina. 

Watercolor kitty tattoo

Geometric watercolor cat tattoo by Constantina 

Watercolor Manatee Tattoo 

Done by Constantina 

Human Heart Tattoo

Human Heart Tattoo by Ralph Gere.

Done here in Hollywood, Fl at :

Alchemy Ink Collective

2422 Hollywood Blvd.

Hollywood, Fl 33020

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