Gyuto knife by Luc Mendez

The other day an old high school buddy of mine, Luis, gave me a call. It’s been awhile since we spoke, none the less we caught up and  spoke about our current ventures in life. Luis tells me, after high school, he went on and pursued a career in the culinary industry, and to show his love for his passion, he wanted to permanently commemorate his favorite tool of his trade. A gyuto knife. He brought it with him and asked if I could tattoo his exact knife on him. With little hesitation I took on the job. I felt out the knife a bit so I could better understand what I am tattooing. It was a beautiful piece of work, super light weight and made of pure Japanese steel, on the sides of the blade it had hundreds of small bevels where the knife maker would hit repeatedly with his hammer to get the right texture hammering together over 40 thin layers of steel. Any ways not to get super technical, it’s very important that an artis understands what he is tattooing. I’m glad Luis brought in his gyuto, I believe it truly helped with the end result of this tattoo, and I learned a bit about how it’s made. 

Tattoo by Cool hand Luc

Instagram: Luc.Cbt

Done at Alchemy ink @alchemyink

2422 Hollywood Blvd 

Hollywood fl 33023

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