Foo Dog Back Piece

Finally getting to add to this back piece on Pete our shop apprentice!


Now as well as following us on Twitter, being our fan on Facebook and (less importantly, since we don’t think anyone really uses it much anymore) be our friend on MySpace, you can check out new work and images that have been inspiring us over on Tumblr. Our first post was an instant hit, an oldie but goodie from Raphael.

Bloody Eye in your Ditch!!

Pirate Ship on Neck Tattoo

Check this Pirate Ship neck blast on Dizzy, one of the shops friends.

Florida Sleeve by Raphael Rodriguez

Check out this new work from the boss, Raphael! See the full post over at Ralph’s blog just across the way.  

New Work by Raphael – Double Chesty

I finally got to finish this double chest piece. I did the dragon over 2 years ago!!!!

Cover-Up Tattoos by Ralphie

These are two really cool Cover-Up Tattoos I’ve gotten to do on two really cool dudes!!!!

Alex Pardee by Raphael!

This tattoo is on my homie Peter.  I initially did the just the eye but I thought adding the red and going up on the suit of the other tattoo would be a cool twist. This tattoo is my interpretation of a Alex Pardee Painting!

Lion Tattoo by Gere

I got to tattoo this on a kid that I watched grow up. He live behind my shop and since middle school would always talk about waiting to get tattooed. Well it was my honor. Good things come to those who wait! -Raphael “Gere” Rodriguez

Alexis Lugo in Smooth Magazine

Check out the new issue of Smooth Magazine, our home girl Alexis Lugo has a spread in it.  Tattooed by: Raphael “Gere” Rodriguez