Now as well as following us on Twitter, being our fan on Facebook and (less importantly, since we don’t think anyone really uses it much anymore) be our friend on MySpace, you can check out new work and images that have been inspiring us over on Tumblr. Our first post was an instant hit, an oldie but goodie from Raphael.

Gore Sighting on USVSTHEBUFF

Stumbled on to the site USVSTHEBUFF today and found this picture. Thanks for the flick.

Rest In Power Ynot

We lost a good friend and fellow tattooer last night. Although the details are unknown to us at the moment, what is for sure that he will be missed greatly by us. R.I.P. YNOT-BUK50-MSG-28 Here is his last post at the MSG CARTEL blog … YNOT & CARE puting in work.(photos by Digi Dave)

This Is Awesome!!!!

Graffiti Analysis 2.0: Digital Blackbook from Evan Roth on Vimeo.

Back to New Jersey

 So if you know anything about us here at CBT we love going to New Jersey and New York.  And our head honcho Ralph is going on a solo mission up to New Jersey in his fancy new car.  SO if you are in the Greater New jersey area and are interested in acquiring a custom tattoo. Drop us a message and include all your information and what you are looking to get. Here are a couple of his most recent works so you can eye-gazm over. raphaelrodriguez@live.com