Oye Acere Mira

Que bola acere. Here I have a couple new flicks of Mike’s sleeve coming along. This first one is a picture of his first piece all done. This tattoo we did a couple weeks ago. And here is the newest one and probably the only one that had Mike shaking.

Bloody Eye in your Ditch!!

Pirate Ship on Neck Tattoo

Check this Pirate Ship neck blast on Dizzy, one of the shops friends.

Otter Clan

Kurt Halsey Bats… by Kristyn

I finally got to finish up my sister’s Kurt Halsey bats! They are taken from this image below by, as previously stated, that maker of  super adorable shit – Kurt Halsey. I especially love how the girl in the painting is looking over the shoulder kind of exactly in the position where Lindsey’s bat tattoo is placed! Now I’m the only “Bat” sister that hasn’t got any bats tattooed on her. But… stay tuned! By the time this post publishes, that may no longer be the case…. Here’s  a hint – bian… Read More

Goofy Girl… Serious Tattoo.

How lucky to have a relative, especially a sister or brother, who’s a tattoo artist, right? Our families all definitely make the most of it. A frequent visitor to our shop is Erick’s little sister, Ashley. The minute she turned 18 … well, actually for quite some time before that, too, even though we wouldn’t do it for her … she wanted to be in everyone’s chair getting ink every week. She always gives us a laugh and we love when she comes in to give her big brother stress.

Paradise Ain’t Cheap.. by Kristyn

So, a new friend of the shop, this guy Mike…  Moved here from New York a few weeks ago with no tattoos. He decided to initiate himself into the Miami lifestyle with this thigh tattoo, his very first! Picked it from my sketchbook. This is it just a day or two old. Watch out for healed pics and pics of his SECOND tattoo, an also epically huge arm/elbow piece by Jesus!

More New Work by Eerie Erick

It’s almost Erick’s birthday, everyone…. He’s turning the big 30!!!!! Be sure to come in this weekend, get your work done and call him old before he heads out to celebrate in Puerto Rico!

Jeanine LOVES Candice Tripp.

  Another Candice Tripp piece by Eerie Erick on our friend Jeanine. You can check out the earlier piece here, and Candice Tripp’s work here. And tell Erick how cool it is in the comment box below. You know you want to.

Mom & Daughter Floral Tattoos by Kristyn and Jesus

We are most definitely a family here at CBT, and so we love it when families come in to get tattooed together. Whether they are memorials, matching pieces, names, family crests… we love to be a part of it! One of our clients always comes in with her mom to get tattooed. She already had a memorial piece for her Dad and so while she was getting a new piece by Jesus (the lotus), her mom finally decided to join in with a tribute to her husband with a piece by Kristyn… Read More