Fancy, huh..

Its been a long time coming but the time has finally come. Kristyn and Jesus now have business cards! If you haven’t got one you can be sure that you will be getting one soon…. Thanks to Monster Graphic Design for the cards and Lindsey Bat for Kristyn’s portrait. Stop in soon because we also have new stickers featuring the artwork of Raphael and Jesus, a limited run and they are going fast!

Old Friends and New… by Kristyn Bat

Last week I tattooed my friend Susan for the second time, with this piece of music by folk singer Dar Williams. Susan runs the Labyrinth Cafe, a concert series held at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Ft. Lauderdale, and just reached  a huge milestone by booking a performance by one of her favorite artists, Dar Williams. The concert was sold out, a huge success and cause for commemoration with this tattoo! Susan’s family has been pretty much part of my family since I was in middle school. She was one of the first people I knew with a tattoo, and I’ve loved getting to add to her collection. Needless to say, I always love working with Susan and her family – and this past session was even nicer because she brought a friend to get this really fun, tiny tree of life.

New Painting from Raphael

New painting by Raphael. If you come by soon you can grab one of these as a sticker… !



Short Bus Shawty!! Funny Ish!!!

Kanye @ SNL

New Work by Raphael – Double Chesty

I finally got to finish this double chest piece. I did the dragon over 2 years ago!!!!

Cover-Up Tattoos by Ralphie

These are two really cool Cover-Up Tattoos I’ve gotten to do on two really cool dudes!!!!

Pin-Up Sisters

Got to tattoo these pinup’s on sisters. One sister celebrated her profession as a Flight Attendant with her girl riding a classic airplane.  The other pinup is sitting on a lotus blossom that is a cover-up of an old Tattoo.  This is by-far one of the coolest sister tattoo’s I’ve ever got to do…..Ralph

Erick’s Newest

Really fun tattoo got to freehand this piece. Done in two sessions.

Kristyn Bat

Updates over on Kristyn’s page, check it out…