Gore Sighting on USVSTHEBUFF

Stumbled on to the site USVSTHEBUFF today and found this picture. Thanks for the flick.

Jesus Hannya!

Self Portrait as Hannya, Jesus Lopez. Ink and watercolor on paper, 2010.

New Work by Roger Alvarado


$40 Sketchbook Specials by Kristyn Bat

$40 for any sketchbook design tattooed in full color by Ms. Kristyn Michele Bat. Size restrictions apply. Add your own custom lettering to any piece for $10. (No charge for “your name here” on pieces which already have lettering in the design.)

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Happy Birthday, Erick!

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We want to take some time to give a shout out to Erick. Today we’re celebrating his 30th birthday, which falls on Halloween. Lucky man! In celebration, we’ll be at The Field Irish Pub in Dania tonight, so come on out! Erick is a truly dedicated artist, both to the shop and to the art of tattooing. We’re lucky to have him here, so make sure to take a look at his portfolio if you haven’t already and book your appointments now!

This Halloween in a galaxy near you!


Four Piercings You Don’t See Every Day… by Alex Bach

Custom piercings by appointment in a safe, sterile environment. We have new body jewelry items in, too, and as always, a knowledgeable, friendly staff to help you with the perfect piece of body art.. but you already knew that, right?

More New Work by Eerie Erick

It’s almost Erick’s birthday, everyone…. He’s turning the big 30!!!!!

Be sure to come in this weekend, get your work done and call him old before he heads out to celebrate in Puerto Rico!

Jeanine LOVES Candice Tripp.


Another Candice Tripp piece by Eerie Erick on our friend Jeanine. You can check out the earlier piece here, and Candice Tripp’s work here.

And tell Erick how cool it is in the comment box below. You know you want to.

Mom & Daughter Floral Tattoos by Kristyn and Jesus

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We are most definitely a family here at CBT, and so we love it when families come in to get tattooed together. Whether they are memorials, matching pieces, names, family crests… we love to be a part of it! One of our clients always comes in with her mom to get tattooed. She already had a memorial piece for her Dad and so while she was getting a new piece by Jesus (the lotus), her mom finally decided to join in with a tribute to her husband with a piece by Kristyn (the daisy). Check out both of the tattoos in the photos above and next time you stop in, bring your mom!