Heart locked tattoo 

Heart locked tattoo with key, I did on Tiffany. Second photo was taken one day after getting it done.  Thanks for looking  -Constantina      

“I Dream Eye Cloud” NYC

Gere installs new painting in New York City. In the office’s of Maxima Apparel “I Dream Eye Cloud”

Watercolor G Clef Tattoo 

Loved doing this G clef watercolor tattoo! Looking to do more in that watercolor style 🙂 if you interested leave a comment or send ame a email to colopez009@yahoo.com  Constantina   

Portrait Tattoo 

Portrait tattoo of little Anthony done by resident artist Constantina    

Hand holding rose tattoo by Luc 

  This past weekend, Luc Mendez was tattooing at our CBT North East location in historic Paterson, New Jersey. Here is a photo of one of the many tattoos that where done that week.

Free hand action by Erick Rivero 

  Erick Rivero is a veteran artis here at CBT studios. The other night a client came in and asked Erick to design a geisha to continue his sleeve. When Erick told the gentlemen he would freehand the design, the customer did not hesitate to agree. Erick’s reputation for great and consistent freehand tattoos have earned him the trust of countless coustomers. Here is a small clip of Erick in action. Finish product will be posted upon the completion of the sleeve.

Black and grey filigree woman tattoo 

Beautiful black and grey woman face tattoo with filigree. Done on the thigh by resident artist Constantina.   

Inked Out New Jersey Tattoo Convention

      INKED OUT NEW JERSEY TATTOO CONVENTION    Raphael  and Eric will be attending this years Secaucus, New Jersey tattoo convention Inked Out New Jersey the weekend of  September 11 – 13. They will also be tattooing in our Northeast studio located in the Art Factory in Historic Paterson New Jersey that week. To book your appointment with any of the artist please send a $50. Deposit via PayPal to email: info@cbtstudios.com . In the notes section please indicate what artist and what day and we will contact you back with a time once depositi has been… Read More

 Koi Fish Wave Painting 

   Koi Fish Wave Painting Titled “Breaking Through” by resident artist Raphael Gere Rodriguez . This is part of Raphael’s recent artwork on paper. The painting is Enamel on Treated Paper 50X38 in. In size. For Art Work purchase inquiries email info@cbtstudios.com .

Skeleton hand tattoo by Luc.CBT

   Certain designs are ment for certain people. That was the case today as Cool hand Luc tattooed long time friend Wang Chang here at CBT Studios. Luc hand crafted this custom design to fit Ms.Chang accordingly. Needless to say she loved the traditional design which was tailored specifically for her. Slowly but surely, she is building up her tattoo sleeve to her liking with all original designs by Luc. For info to book a tattoo appointment with Luc, email us at info@cbtstudios.com