Now as well as following us on Twitter, being our fan on Facebook and (less importantly, since we don’t think anyone really uses it much anymore) be our friend on MySpace, you can check out new work and images that have been inspiring us over on Tumblr. Our first post was an instant hit, an oldie but goodie from Raphael.

Happy Thanksgiving!

From our family to yours, hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving holiday. Enjoy this little sketch by Kristyn Bat.  

Dedicated to the music… by Erick.

Kurt Halsey Bats… by Kristyn

I finally got to finish up my sister’s Kurt Halsey bats! They are taken from this image below by, as previously stated, that maker of  super adorable shit – Kurt Halsey. I especially love how the girl in the painting is looking over the shoulder kind of exactly in the position where Lindsey’s bat tattoo is placed! Now I’m the only “Bat” sister that hasn’t got any bats tattooed on her. But… stay tuned! By the time this post publishes, that may no longer be the case…. Here’s  a hint – bian… Read More

Workhorse Irons

Hard work pays off. 

Cover-up by Derek

First session of a cover-up by Derek. Still needs a few more sessions, but it’s already looking great! Check out the before (below) and after (above) pictures.

Bye Bye Philly!!!

Hello world!

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