Here’s looking at you kid!

I got to tattoo my extended family up in Jersey . If you know me you know I love doing eye tattoos. So this was a treat I got to tattoo 2 eyeball on 2 brothers. Patterson stand up!!!!

Upcoming Events (via Kristyn Michele Bat)

Convention and Craft Show Season is upon us! I want to take a minute to promote two events I will be attending, both of which are donating their proceeds to great causes. If you attend only one tattoo convention in South Florida, this should be it. The South Florida Tattoo Expo, in its 6th year, was the first tattoo convention I ever attended, and it made a huge impact on me. It got me hooked, is still one of my favorite events of the year. A sho … Read More via Kristyn… Read More

Sunflower Tattoo (via Kristyn Michele Bat)

Pretty, simple tattoos never go out of style. … Read More via Kristyn Michele Bat

Skate session in Fayetteville, NC

Trying to find time to do anything besides tattooing when were out of town is a daunting task. Luckily  this time in Fayetteville, NC  we managed to steel some time to check the local skate park. Here is Peter Melto on a rainy night in Fayetteville!

Tattoo Shop Pet Peeve #633 (via Kristyn Michele Bat)

If you're SO terrified of what your mom, dad, boss, grandma, auntie, husband, wife, boo, personal savior, etc. is going to think about your tattoo to the point that you are constantly running outside to answer the phone so they won't know you're at a tattoo shop – you may not be ready for a tattoo yet! If you're going to get kicked out if your parents find out you have a tattoo, or fired from your job – it's probably not worth it. If you have to … Read More via… Read More

Raphael in Jacksonville,Fl

Raphael will be taking appointments  in Jacksonville , Fl  on Tues and Weds. Contact him @ or 305 773 1224 He is still at CBT Studios on weekends!

Beyond Salad Days

As most people know I do love me a good goats head. Especially when I’m asked to make it as evil and bloody as possible. Its nice to someone make a stand for their beliefs and not some fashionable ideal. And I am excited to say that I am the proud owner of check it out here .

Baltimore Tattoo Convention!!1

Come join us in Baltimore April 8th-10th

tattoos by Roger Alvarado

Mike’s Arm Post

Mike came in to finish up some work.