Serenity Prayer Tattoo

Serenity Prayer done by Raphael Gere Rodriguez. Out of all the prayer tattoos that come thru our shop doors; the Serenity Prayer is the most requested. Reading the prayer we understand why. To book your next lettering tattoo appointment contact at 954 986 7176 or email us at :

Buddha Tattoo By Derek Garcia


Gas Mask Tattoo

World War II inspired gas mask Tattoo done by Raphael. This is a part of a World War II full sleeve.  Follow Raphael on instagram @ralphy_cbt

Raphael Gere Rodriguez

I just returned from NY and man, it was a fun trip. Long hours of fun times at work is how time was mainly spent. I wish I had more time to see everyone. For my friends and family I didn’t get to see, I am truly sorry and you will be the first people I see next trip! For the People I did get to see Thank You very much it was an awesome experience. Here is one of my Fav’s of the trip, on my homie NES! R.

Foo Dog Back Piece

Finally getting to add to this back piece on Pete our shop apprentice!

Ghoul Hands Tattoo

Job Stoppers by Raphael Rodriguez!

Dragonfly Tattoo

Check out this cool tattoo from Roger Alvarado. Our piercer Steven is the reciprocator of this awesome design!!

Tattooed Pinup Tattoo by Raphael Rodriguez

I recently got to tattoo one of the coolest Pin-up Idea’s. Tattoos on a Pin-up has been the coolest tattoos I’ve had the pleasure of creating. This is part of an War World 2 inspired sleeve.

Hazel Eye Tattoo’s by Raphael Rodriguez

If anyone knows me they know I have an infatuation with eye balls. There is truly something beautiful and special about every eyeball I get to create.  

Rooster Tattoo via Philadelphia Tattoo Convention

So I just got Back from my trip up north. I got to visit my family and friends in New Jersey and New York. Did some cool tattoos on some cool people while trying not to freeze from the cold. I caped the week off by Tattooing at the Philadelphia Tattoo Convention. This Rooster was done on my nephew  at the Philly show,  who came along with me on this trip. I got to say it was one of the best tattooing trips I have taken. Thanks to everyone who experienced the… Read More