South Florida Tattoo Expo

Come Join Raphael, Kristyn , and Jesus  this weekend at the 16th annual South Florida Tattoo Expo! We still have some availability so come on down and experience the spectacle that is The South Florida Tattoo Expo!!    


Usually we post up pictures of the tattoos we do but this past weekend at Tattoolapalooza in our home town we to have some fun and got tattooed. Raphael Rodriguez got a sick eye ball on the pit of his arm by Paul Acker and Erick Rivero got a mini tattoo machine on his face by Thomas Asher. Also check out some pictures of what we saw there and a Tattoo done by Jesus Lopez.

The God Of War

Alright as you can guess by the lack in posts lately I have fallen back from my blogging duties. Due to my recent and greatly appreciated  overwhelming demand . But with great responsibility comes long hours, but do not fret at the end of every tunnel is a light. And that light is the opportunity to show you another tattoo. So on that note I hope you enjoy this first session on this Kratos half sleeve from the God Of War series.  

Women Do It Better! by Jesus Lopez

… And our very own Kristyn is proof of it as she tattooed part of her very own tattoo. I had to get up for a minute to grab something and to my surprise she started doing the tattoo herself. Claiming that it “hurt less” than when I was tattooing her, I had to sit there and press the foot pedal as she tattooed the teal spots in her pink leopard. And then she reluctantly let me take over again and I finished tattooing her. She still believes the tattoo only looks… Read More

Frank’s Cover Up

So Frank came to me with the task to cover his poorly done half sleeve of flames. After some talking we came up with the idea of doing a hannya which you can see in the first picture. The hannya was quickly burned by some family advice and so we converted it into a dragon . So in just the first session of 8 hours we did the newly changed  hannya and did all the background. Then this last session we finished the dragon’s face and the cherry blossoms. I don’t have… Read More

Erick’s Mouses by Jesus

Eerie Erick’s tribute to his niece: her favorite toys tattooed on his leg!

New Work by Jesus

This week had some of the more interesting tattoos I’ve done this month. Including a stitching job and the carpet from the Big Lebowski.  So enjoy the flicks.  

Oye Acere Mira

Que bola acere. Here I have a couple new flicks of Mike’s sleeve coming along. This first one is a picture of his first piece all done. This tattoo we did a couple weeks ago. And here is the newest one and probably the only one that had Mike shaking.

New Paintings by Jesus

As the title implies I just finished these bad boys.  

Jesus Gore Lopez has a new blog

As stated above I have opened my own wordpress blog. I will cover all the other stuff going on in my life and the cool things I find. Check it out here.