Usually we post up pictures of the tattoos we do but this past weekend at Tattoolapalooza in our home town we to have some fun and got tattooed. Raphael Rodriguez got a sick eye ball on the pit of his arm by Paul Acker and Erick Rivero got a mini tattoo machine on his face by Thomas Asher. Also check out some pictures of what we saw there and a Tattoo done by Jesus Lopez.

Tattoo Tour and Safari!

Our lastest trip has been our greatest trip, so if we missed you make sure to make the April adventure. “Its sure to be even better” We’ll try not to get arrested this time! Miami- New York Coming Soon! Part 2./April 8-15

Some New Work By Erick Rivero


Foo Dog Fuzion!!! by Raphael Rodriguez and Erick Rivero

On the pursuit to push ourselves, go harder,  go bigger,  go faster me [Raphael] and Erick are combing forces to do a new series of fuzion work, meaning both of us working together on pieces to create and cover lots of ground in a minimal amount of time. Though this is not the first fuzion piece created by the both of us, it is the first of a new body of work we’re doing together. This piece of a Foo Dog is on friend and shop apprentice Peter Melton aka Pipi, aka… Read More

Erick’s Mouses by Jesus

Eerie Erick’s tribute to his niece: her favorite toys tattooed on his leg!

Otter Clan

Goofy Girl… Serious Tattoo.

How lucky to have a relative, especially a sister or brother, who’s a tattoo artist, right? Our families all definitely make the most of it. A frequent visitor to our shop is Erick’s little sister, Ashley. The minute she turned 18 … well, actually for quite some time before that, too, even though we wouldn’t do it for her … she wanted to be in everyone’s chair getting ink every week. She always gives us a laugh and we love when she comes in to give her big brother stress.

Happy Birthday, Erick!

  We want to take some time to give a shout out to Erick. Today we’re celebrating his 30th birthday, which falls on Halloween. Lucky man! In celebration, we’ll be at The Field Irish Pub in Dania tonight, so come on out! Erick is a truly dedicated artist, both to the shop and to the art of tattooing. We’re lucky to have him here, so make sure to take a look at his portfolio if you haven’t already and book your appointments now!

More New Work by Eerie Erick

It’s almost Erick’s birthday, everyone…. He’s turning the big 30!!!!! Be sure to come in this weekend, get your work done and call him old before he heads out to celebrate in Puerto Rico!

Jeanine LOVES Candice Tripp.

  Another Candice Tripp piece by Eerie Erick on our friend Jeanine. You can check out the earlier piece here, and Candice Tripp’s work here. And tell Erick how cool it is in the comment box below. You know you want to.