Half-Sleeve in Progress

Wayne came in a few months back with the perfect job for me – a traditional half sleeve on an empty canvas of lower arm space. He had a concept for a custom pin-up girl he wanted to have as the centerpiece, and was ready to let me fill up the rest of the space with pretty much any little bangers we both liked. As if it couldn’t get any more fun, he was down to do all of the linework in one shot! I drew up and placed all of the main stencils, then did a rope to literally tie everything together and a few flowers to fill in some odd spots. 10 tattoos in all, 4 hours.

Next session we’re going to add some detail to a couple of areas and find some cool things to fill in the tiny spots, then start on shading. Wayne is an amazing canvas as well as the boyfriend of one of my closest friends, Jessa. Together they run a blog called Riotous Living – check it out for their report on our session.

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